Hopetoun Residences

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. Who is the Developer?
A. 15 Hopetoun Ltd

Q. What other projects have they done?
A. 132 Vincent Street, Park Lane, Saint James and York Street Apartments in Auckland. Please see Tawera Group’s website at www.taweragroup.com for full portfolio and further details.

Q. How many apartments are there?
A. There are 85 apartments in total however this is subject to change.

Q. What am I buying?
A. You are purchasing a freehold apartment.

Q. How much deposit is required to purchase?
A. Resident buyers require just 10% of the purchase price. Non-residents require 20% of the purchase price.

Q. Is my deposit safe?
A. Yes, it is held in our solicitor’s trust account until such time that we have undertaken all steps necessary to produce a title for your apartment.

Q. When will construction commence?
A. April 2014.

Q. What is the estimated completion date?
A. The construction programme is 12 months. Therefore settlement will be August 2015.

Q. Is there a Body Corporate?
A. Yes. The Body Corporate is responsible for the administration and general running of the complex such as all general maintenance and upkeep of facilities, foyers & corridor areas, common areas, grounds and the building. The body corporate fees covers a variety of expenses and includes cleaning of common areas, building and public liability insurance, fire services, maintenance and management.

Q. Will the apartments have a live-in manager?
A. Yes. Our manager will own an apartment and have an onsite office.

Q. What common amenities are available?
A. A tennis court and use of a pool.

Q. Security is so important. What will ensure this is maintained?
A. The building will have several devices and procedures to ensure the apartments are secure. These include secure garaging, magnetic lock entry door, monitored card access to the building and lifts.

Q. Does the building have sprinklers for fire protection?
A. Yes, the apartments and common areas have sprinklers to meet NZ Fire codes.

Q. What storage is available?
A. We have dedicated storage lockers which are available to purchase. Price depends on size. Discuss your exact requirements with the sales executive.

Q. Can I have my pet live in my apartment?
A. Yes, pets are permitted. The Body Corporate approves all pets and has common sense rules to ensure pets do not interfere with the enjoyment of other apartment owners.

Q. Can I rent my apartment?
A. Yes, you are permitted to rent your apartment.

Q. Can I sell my investment at any time?
A. Yes, you are free to sell your investment at any time, just as you can with any property.

Q. How can I sell the apartment, if necessary?
A. Your apartment will be able to be sold by any real estate agent in normal fashion, subject to the buyer accepting the terms.

Q. What about Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
A. The apartment price is inclusive of GST.

Q. What are the ceiling heights?
A. Ceiling heights will be 2.7 metres subject to architects and engineers final design.

Q. Will the building be double-glazed?
A. All new glazing will be double glazed.

Q. How many lifts are in the building?
A There are 2 lifts in the building.

For further details please contact Annabel Mahoney at Annabel@taweragroup.com

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